Greetings and a warm welcome to ConnecWrk—a networking platform for SMEs to collaborate for business growth and for individuals and recruiters to explore Job opportunities.

  • Vision

    We aim to bring a positive change in the professional and personal lives of people and enable them to become
    more successful, inspired and informed.
  • Mission

    To become a one-stop digital platform enabling SMEs as well as individuals, to collaborate towards business and career growth.

Who are we?

ConnecWrk is owned and operated by OMSR Media Pvt Limited, a company incorporated in India under the Companies Act, 2013. OMSR Media also publishes the portal www.non-newz.com

At CONNECWRK our aim is to help you collaborate (with like-minded people), create (new opportunities towards a successful career) and consume (relevant and authoritative content, that matters).

Our objective is single minded…to continually innovate our platform and provide small and medium enterprises and individuals seeking jobs, an opportunity to create a meaningful dialogue and establish a fruitful association
towards sustained growth.

We once again welcome you to our platform and look forward to your patronage.

Team at ConnecWrk-‘The ConnecWorkers’

Tarun Grover Founder and Chief Growth Officer
  • Tarun has over 18 years of experience in managing and growing businesses and teams across offline and digital platforms. He has launched products, conceptualized and executed large scale business events and is now an Entrepreneur managing 3 different line of businesses (2 digital products and 1 agency).
  • In his professional stint, he got the opportunity to meet and interact with global thought leaders including Prof. Philip Kotler, Prof. Clayton Christensen, Prof. Gary Hamel, Deepak Chopra and many others.
  • While with Times of India in his last role, Tarun was managing, along with his team, a business of over 30 crore in revenue, across digital platforms.
  • Being part of the largest and most diversified media group, had the opportunity to closely align and understand the tech and product development side of the digital business.
Deepak Grover Director and Chief Strategist
  • Deepak is seasoned industry professional with over 20 years of global experience. Deepak has gained invaluable business expertise both in India and international markets. Besides India he has had the opportunity to work in international locations like UK, Holland and Switzerland in leadership roles with global corporations.
  • Deepak's key strength is creating strategic plans and sustainable business models. He has created extraordinary business from scratch by leveraging the resources available and developing P&Ls units that have high potential to grow.
Rakov Kirpal VP of Technology
  • Rakov has over 15 years of IT experience. He is a graduate from Delhi University and has done a three years diploma course in software programming from NIIT.
  • After his successful stint at Encyclopaedia Britannica India Pvt Ltd, where he led the Tech efforts and was instrumental in launching the India website and online store, Rakov went on to become an Entrepreneur and now runs his own company providing best in class and cost effective IT systems and web site development.